Eno Sarris Baseball Chat 8212 8-28-14

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Eno Sarris Baseball Chat 8212 8-28-14

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11:47Eno Sarris: Ill be here a the top of the hour11:47grahambop:12:01Comment From John StamosSWING12:01Eno Sarris: well maybe around 40% of the time.12:01Comment From ChadDo you expect the Cubs to get players for Giancarlo this offseason? Almora, Edwards, McKinney, along with a 4th, maybe a lower level arm anywhere close enough for that Marlins to agree?12:03Eno Sarris: When I tried to put together a package that equaled Stantons surplus value last year, it needed to be a top-10, a top-25 and the other top 100 or two. I dont think that satisfies what's needed, but he is doing get one le s (fewer?) year of control.12:03Comment From JonEno! Does Alcantara use whatever more games at 2B this season (or next), or perhaps is he an OF now?12:03Eno Sarris: I believe hes a real-life infielder, myself. But things need to shake out I suppose. The final individual who had an SLG that was twice his OBP was Todd Greene, so lets not state that Baez is a secure major leaguer.12:04Comment From AL Pitching CoachHi Eno. Thanks of course for performing these chats. Easily certainly one of my favourite things to anticipate every Thursday. Lets say youre in an AL-only league where theres a log jam in W, K, ERA & WHIP. Would you start Kuroda in Detroit today, and what do you predict for his pitching line? Thanks so much!12:04Eno Sarris: Detroit is definitely an okay pitchers park and homers are his biggest i sue as he collapses, so I think I throw him.12:04Comment From John StamosTrade deadline has pa sed. Use Dickeys spot to stream for the upcoming playoffs in 14 team dynasty?12:05Eno Sarris: Yes. Hes virtually major league average at this time, which of course has value but isnt great in fantasy.12:05Comment From Tom JonesWould you be so kind to mention three September call-ups that are probably to have an impact in the American League over the final month?12:07Eno Sarris: None. Theyre all up. Buxtons not coming up, Correa no. Lindor has a chance. Rodon within the bullpen maybe? No saves though. I have a little expect a Henry Owens start or two. Daniel Norris if Mark Buehrle gets traded? Thats it for that top 50.12:07Comment From FishGotta go poop. Hope Ill return over time.12:07Eno Sarris: Have you?12:07Comment From KrisIs Tulo a 2nd round keeper next year or must i try to flip him for some immediate help (currently 2nd in H2H). Trying to pry away Bryce Harper for him in the moment should I aim lower>12:08Eno Sarris: Hes a 2nd-rounder due to all these injuries so you wouldnt get any surplus, so hes tradeable.12:08Comment From STiVoWhat kind of individually distinct changes might we have seen if robot umps made ball-strike determinations? For instance, maybe catchers could get in throwing position earlier when runners try to steal (because they wouldnt be blocking the umps view of the pitch). Another po sibility could be catchers not having to border the pitch, thus leading to better blocking of pitches in the dirt. Thoughts?12:09Eno Sarris: Absolutely better blocking. Probably more caught stealings and much le s stolen bases.12:09TalentTVOnline:12:09Comment From the 2Pac-Impersonating Astros Beat Reporter, ProbablyEvery other city we go, every other video; no matter where I go, LJ Hoes.12:09Comment From Biggies Undertake The desire to WinNever losenever choose to (booze crusie, who)12:09Comment From John StamosDOO WOP12:09Eno Sarris: We feeling musical today I suppose!12:10Comment From baltic foxChecking the day/night splits on most from the guys on my small AL only team leads me to conclude that many should sit during day games Brian Peters Jersey (bad pitchers excluded). I know my sample of 12 hitters is small, however in general will we see lower scoring in day games? If that's the case, why?12:10Eno Sarris: Too low a sample for you to make conclusions for the team. If there is something there in general (po sible), it may be due to the day/night schedule of players. They live a night life, go to sleep at 2/3/4 am. Getting out of bed to play at 12-1pm is not what their bodies want.12:11Comment From GuestWhat would be the lyrics towards the Sleeper and also the Bust theme song, and who sings them?12:11Eno Sarris: Thats @Teen_Archer or Ian Miller, however i think the lyrics are just him saying The Sleeper And The Bust again and again.12:11Comment From BradIm in 10 team pts. redraft league. I have Baez at s and each time I think of dropping him after 4k game, he hits a moon shot. Playoffs start in 14 days. Do I stick to him or replace him with Johnny Peralta, Erik Aybar or JJ Hardy? Thanks.12:12Eno Sarris: Let's say you acquired a second shortstop and played Baez against all lefties, in nice homer parks, Wrigley day games, and against righties with low K rates?12:12Comment From Wade OrtegaEno, sit low on Pedro Alvarez or provide him the boot? He only agreed to be getting his swing back 12:12Eno Sarris: In keeper, hold if you're able to. Otherwise, turf. Him and Ike are just going to kill each others value.12:12Comment From LucasHey Eno, that do you want better over their next two starts:Cashner vs LAD & Ari or deGrom vs Phi & @Mia?12:12Eno Sarris: deGrom12:12Comment From Eric HosmerWell, well, well. that longhair is back to talk to us about our approach. whaddya, say Moose?12:13Comment Written by michael MoustakasI say we stomp em! (yeah!) And then we tattoo him! (yeah!) Therefore we hang him (yeah!) therefore we kill him! (yeah!)12:13Comment From Billy ButlerI say ya let MEEEEE have him FIRST! (YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!)12:13Comment From VicWho are some pitchers who might blo som like Kluber in 2015?12:13Eno Sarris: Bad fastball guys will be able to think of are Shoemaker, Carrasco, TJ House, from the top of my head. Whitley includes a chance.12:13Comment From BrianTime to chop Anibal Sanchez and open his roster destination to stream SPs?12:13Eno Sarris: yes. Best case buying one or two starts from him.12:13Comment From Gevin KausmanKevin Gausmans been excellent when throwing the first strike within an at-bat, and garbage when the count goes 1-0. Its easy to think he just needs to throw more first-pitch strikes and hell be fine, but could it be in addition to that? so much talent in him but I really have no idea how to project him for 201512:15Eno Sarris: Hes impo sible. The fastball is straight, but fast. The split is great, and that he includes a regular change. He is able to cut the split. So he basically has three changeups, all excellent or plus. His slider is meh but what exactly at that point. You have to think its about confidence to to s the ball within the damn zone and give up several homers but additionally not walk anyone and begin striking people out.12:16Eno Sarris: Maybe a Gose like The Kimmie, The Yink & The Holy Gose OR wow I just had Bikini Beer from Evil Twin and it tastes just like a pale ale but its 2.7% ABV which may be good because things get crazy when the family gets drunk.12:16Comment From Tim HortonIs it crazy to consider Drew Smyly could be a top-10 SP in the American League pick up?12:17Eno Sarris: Its not crazy. The Rays have made the modification an important thing for him, and theres always the chance he learns The Thing from Cobb and turns into a nasty lefty Cobb.12:17Comment From CuriousGeorgeHolding our annual family beer olympics this beautiful labor day weekend. Any suggestion of a good beer to consume en ma se (that isnt natty or bud light? I was thinking a nice german wei sbier in keeping the tradition of a beerfest12:17Eno Sarris: This is actually the question that I answered above lol.12:17Comment From GuestWill Zach Walters are a pumpkin?12:17Eno Sarris: He did already. Look at that contact rate.12:18Comment From MikeSince I can no longer trade Fiers (trade deadline is pa sed), will i start him until he burns me or would you pre-emptively quit him? I think the SFG start is good but not sure how much longer that BABIP stays down.12:18Eno Sarris: Id be concern about him aware of the homers, but otherwise, hes not a bad pitcher given his 88 mph fastball.12:19Comment From LucasPick two of the following to carry onto as keepers (round of draft pick given up in parenthesis): Cruz(16), Kluber(10), Puig(10), Altuve(9), C Santana(6)12:19Eno Sarris: Puig Altuve. Kluber gets close. I understand Cruz is so super tempting however with his age and ahem history, Id be nervous.12:19Eno Sarris: Im using itunes today because my spotify eliminate, so its all cla sics. I frigging LOVE this tune.12:20YarbTheLegend:12:20Eno Sarris: Reminds me of Roxy Music and Brian Eno and growing up in Jamaica.12:20Comment From Et Tu, Brute?Eno! Whats the utmost dollar amount you would employ to stash Salazar in an Otto points league?12:20Eno Sarris: Oh man the homer concern is an i sue in Otto points. Id want him under $10 next year.12:20Comment From juan pierres mustachesign of adulthood #343: most enjoyable news today is that theres a brand new lunch place near the office12:21Eno Sarris: LUNCH!12:21Comment From Martywhat are the thoughts on Buchholz moving forward? He appears to be terrible mostlywith a spattering of genius.12:21Eno Sarris: Damages history dampens any enthusiasm I'm able to have about the stuff and also the change.12:21Comment From GuestWhen will Alex Meyer get the call and any comps?12:22Eno Sarris: I like him. No-seam fastball means he doesnt have numerous comps, but hes a sinker/curve/change guy, and I think all can be plus (but admittedly the bend is ahead).12:22Comment From EliasThoughts on Eric Campbell and Tomas Telis? Deep mixed league help.12:22Eno Sarris: Campbell only plays v LHP, however i like him.12:22Comment From SycophancyEno, last week my question re you and also Malcolm Gladwell was not meant as some type of dig. You guys share the Jamaican/European parent combo and also you both write for a living. Things in keeping!12:22Eno Sarris: I hope I didnt get too defensive. I dont hate on him, Ive enjoyed things Ive read. Ive also felt led astray sometimes.12:22Comment From Art VandelayI know this Javier Baez thing continues to be beat half to death, but he's striking out at a 10% higher rate than Mark Reynolds did as he set the single season record back in 2009. Hes basically a videogame character.12:23Eno Sarris: Its impo sible.12:23Comment From jordanShane Greene cant keep this up right? Or po sibly he is able to! His ks are up since your article and the gb% is steady.12:23Eno Sarris: Its impo sible. These two guys are without comps. I suppose Masterson is really a comp for Greene, but thats one dude. And it doesnt work every year for JM either.12:23Comment From Hamilton PorterHow many PAs will it take to label a prospect as overrated, but not nece sarily a bust? You will find Im taking a look Danny Isidora Jersey at you Oscar Taveras.12:23Eno Sarris: ISO takes 500 plus plate appearances a minimum of. BABIP is like 700. Id provide him two years.12:24Eno Sarris: (at least)12:24Comment From Brian ScalabrineCurious about a trade that simply went down in my otto points league. $8 Archie Bradley and $2 Alex Meyer for a $2 Gregory Polanco. Who wins?12:24Eno Sarris: Polanco side. Badly as some can call his debut, it wasnt. His BB, K and ISO counseled me predictive of the .280/10/30 guy, and he has power upside.12:24Comment From Don BaylorAny thoughts on Josmil Pinto? Now the Twins have signed Suzuki for 2 more years, has Pinto gone from Catcher for the future to simply only afterthought?12:25Eno Sarris: Suzuki can transition to backup pretty easily when the BABIP calms down.12:25Comment From Hamilton PorterMookie makes me so much more excited than Billy Hamilton both in an OBP league and life.12:25Eno Sarris: I love me some Mookie.12:25Comment From MartyWhat the heck became of Brandon Mo s?12:25Eno Sarris: Would be a little over his head wrt to batting average, however this is who he was said to be, no?12:25Comment From Art VandelayHow did the Cubs package turn from Baez, Bryant, or Alcantara + extras into Almora, Edwards & McKinney overnight?12:26Eno Sarris: Well the Baez one might get it done but also seems a little heavy around the Cubs side.12:26Comment From FowlerIs Danny Duffy going to continue to get better or should we expect a big regre sion next year?12:26Eno Sarris: I dont see it being sustainable. Looong history of bad command that he randomly turned around this season, plus none of his pitches is plus by peripherals.12:26Comment From MitchWill Tanaka pitch again this season? If not, how can you project him for the coming year? Im inside a keeper league and hes on waivers.12:27Eno Sarris: Id give him a go. Could get a couple starts, seems safe acquisition. Hes throwing.12:27Comment From Et Tu, Brute?I feel strange because I like IPAs but nonethele s cannot distinguish between the more subtle flavors that fluctuate within the style12:27Eno Sarris: Have some more. Also, have ones with the hops on the label, and do that thing youre supposed to do when networking. Ah, Mosaic, nice to drink you Mosaic. Mosaic, you seem type of fruity. Mosaic, have you met my spouse?12:29Comment From The Response is Regre sion towards the Mean Think About ItQuestion: So why do extemely intelligent women have le s intelligent husbands?12:29Eno Sarris: HEY WUT H8 u12:30Comment From GuestDetroits playoff odds yesterday: 72%. Today, its 67%. Against NYY their starting pitcher has a ZiPS projected ERA of 5.33, against Kurodas 3.83 FIP. Are Detroits playoff odds going to collapse? Their playoff hopes mostly bank on the .577 ROS win%, 94 games in a full season. Time is drained for regre sion to save them.12:30Eno Sarris: They were 95% just like a month ago. Its crazy and its happening.12:30Comment From Nicolas StelliniA large amount of people discu s the Mets throwing their pitching prospects in the Cubs for one of the MI prospects, but what is the po sibility they take a run at Stanton? In-division trades seem much le s taboo these days.12:31Eno Sarris: Somehow I doubt that the Mets create a big trade such as this using their pitching prospects. I believe a few of the guys will end up in the pen, many will be injured, maybe one goes at the deadline when theyre going good. In general, I believe the plan would be to ama s arms, find bats.12:31Comment From BreezyHey, another Thursday, another Eno chat, another half-off sushi night..Im beginning to think defensive metrics take hold in baseball a little more now. Appears like everyone is starting to give Alex Gordon his credit. Traditional numbers dont compare to Trout but most seem to agree his contending for MVP.12:32Eno Sarris: One nice walkoff homer and suddenly they call the dogs off. People still mad about Gordons WAR I think.12:32Comment From RichWhat do you think about Rick Porcellos year? Is he a top 25 pitcher going forward?12:32Eno Sarris: I love him. The bend addition was huge. Lower K rate means more 20-30 than top 20, but hes definitely a fantasy number three a minimum of.12:32Comment From kevinthecomicThanks for chatting, Eno!! How would you addre s the problem of context in MVP voting. I mean, I gue s theoretically you shouldnt, but the BBWA instructions clearly state most valuable to his team, which implies context. But then, which context? An MVP caliber player on a terrible team could be the most value to his team because he accounts for a greater number of team wins. On another hand, an MVP caliber player on the team that wins the division by One or two games might be argued is the difference maker that put them outrageous. What do you do? WHAT Is the next step?12:33Eno Sarris: I *might* use non-metric considerations to split a tie. Like if Lucroy is super close to another NL candidate, Ill give him a tick for framing. But team considerations? 25 man roster. Im not likely to help him or hurt him in line with the other 24.12:34Eno Sarris: (or 49)12:34Comment From Guestyou forgot about joc!12:34Eno Sarris: he explained AL12:34Comment From JaySpeculating for the coming year. Do you believe Axford might be given a closing gig this winter?12:34Eno Sarris: Maybe he signs to aid in a poor pen and it has a chance?12:34Comment From RichWhat do you make of Shelby Millers struggles? IS this the real Shelby, or can we expect to see 2013 Shelby again?12:35Eno Sarris: I believe hes too predictable. Must develop/improve the change. Must be 2014 Shelby that is po sible because hes beginning with gas and just what was once a good curve but the cutter, change, something must take a step forward. Im not quitting, hell be down roster on some teams the coming year.12:36Comment From JayIs R. Castillo playing at Fenway this year? does he begin opening day next year?12:36Eno Sarris: Yes. Who knows.12:36Comment From FishNope. Plums, man. Plums.12:36Comment From JPretty much out of the race for my fantasy league. Ont he plus side, likely to WI for that weekend! Aside from New Glarus, any breweries/beers to test?12:36Eno Sarris: Milwaukee Brewery is supposedly pretty good!12:36Eno Sarris: http://www.beergraphs.com/l12:36Comment From JBDYadi or Ramos for fantasy purposes when Yadi is removed of DL (supposedly tomorrow)?12:36Eno Sarris: Yadi12:37Comment From GuestMore prone to get Lester/Shields: The Mets or even the Cubs? Have protected first round picks, both appear to be in a position to make a contention push12:37Eno Sarris: Cubs need pitching more, Mets have le s money.12:37Comment From F U JobuNo hope for Alex Meyer call-up or has he reached his IP for that year?12:37Eno Sarris: Yeah hes running out of innings. Maybe some bullpen work.12:38Comment From kevinthecomicRe: feeling musical Im all about the base, bout the ba s, no treble!12:39Eno Sarris: Instead of that, how about this:12:39GStrongRAW:12:39Comment From BreezyCheck out Pedro Alvarezs day/night splits. Itll take your breath away.12:39Comment From Heady the ElderI quit fantasy baseball,the White Sox stink, Im just here for the beer comments. I simply got my on the job Marshal Zhukov must i be excited?12:40Eno Sarris: Yes. As our website says This is a superb beer. http://www.beergraphs.com/l12:40Comment From grabbaHow would you rank Kipnis, Kinsler, Pedroia and Kendrick ROS?12:40Eno Sarris: Kinsler, Kip, Kendrick, Pedroia12:40Comment From GuestGregory Polancos 2015 WAR:12:41Eno Sarris: 3+? I think he figures out the D.12:41Comment From DrStevenBruleEno, just gave up a lot to by the #1 waiver position off a guy to ensure that I po sibly could get Rusney, please let me know he has got the call this season!12:42Eno Sarris: Yeah hell be up. Im pretty sure at least.12:42Comment From kevinthecomicre: effect of robot umps on catchers better hitting catchers, because all of a sudden the brutal framing skills of the guy like Carlos Santana doesnt matter much.12:42Comment From Aura fixationIs it stupid to make an all-in move right before September in a sort-of-tight race? I wish Used to do this in June12:42Eno Sarris: yeah, I spend most of my FAAB early and try to decide in late June. Perform a targeted move. Look at the categories, pick a couple.12:43Comment From FurmanI po se s a problem I have both Dogfish Head 120 and Heady Topper within my fridge at this time. Basically drink them, they'll no longer be there, which makes me sad. And then I wont have any more 120/Heady to make the sadne s go away. How to proceed?12:43Eno Sarris: Buy more beer!12:43Comment From Aura fixationYou think Jaso is e sentially accomplished for the entire year?12:43Eno Sarris: Concu sions are impo sible. No clue.12:43Comment From SteveI have Matt Shoemaker for $6 the coming year within my dynasty league. Do you think he can bare this up and hold him for 2015, or would you sell now and try to maximize his current value?12:43Eno Sarris: Thats a pleasant price. I think Id hold. He has a nice home park.12:43Comment From GuestChase Whitley breakout? What does that look like?12:44Eno Sarris: He's a great slider/change combo. Hell must have lasting power with the fastball. More innings. mid-to-high ERA if only based on home park.12:44Comment From Martywhats easily the funniest response youve gotten from a guy when you ask to consider a grips photo?12:44Eno Sarris: You want to take a picture of my fingers? Jake deGrom12:45Comment From Big JgkeHey Eno, yesterday a comment I made about Colby Rasmus was turned into a NotGraphs article about Colby Rasmus. Now that my entire life has peaked, exactly what do you suggest I actually do? Also, can there be some sort of sash I can get to commemorate this achievement?12:45Eno Sarris: Sorry, as youve heard, finances are slashed. We want anyone to buy out NotGraphs to even exist any more!12:46Comment From Keith (Manchester, CTThanks Eno. Should the Red Sox attempt to package Mookie Betts and a few prospects for Cole Hamels? Do you know the chances the Phillies are open to this?12:46Eno Sarris: I figured they may sell Betts and Renaudo this season but then they were bad. When they recover next year, they still have the pieces to buy a pitcher. This might happen.12:46Comment From Double SimcoeYouve got to lead with your ludes, youve got to love your ludes, youve got to exude ludes!12:46Comment From CiceroIf your arent listening to Fartbarf you are mi sing out12:47Comment From Et Tu, Brute?Im suggesting dude I just dont want to grow old12:47Comment From KrisSounds like Tanaka might be pitching this year what % can there be that he still gets TJ this offseason? Could he conceivably pitch the ROS after which get TJ?12:47Eno Sarris: Look at Wainwright. Pitched, what, two years before finally getting TJ?12:47Comment From Tony SHeard on Podcast you may post on favorable battery-mates to run on in Sept? Streaming Dyson, Rajai, Shaeffer etc & that would be helpful. Still planned?12:47Eno Sarris: Watch Minnix.12:47Comment From Cicerowhere will Arenado rank in your 3B keepers?12:48Eno Sarris: Top ten, top 8, top6? I believe he is able to .280/20 next year.12:48Comment From GuestI despise the vote off sys in Ottoneu is Trout worth a $100 in 44? a suming he gets all of the votes12:48Eno Sarris: No, because 44 doesnt love his steals. I prefer the put cash on him system, but even there Trouts getting expensive quick.12:49Comment From MartyThat song doesnt remind me of jamaicanot enough dancehall horn and also the beginning 10 bars didnt play 6 times.12:49Eno Sarris: Ah yeah, my mother played weird music after i was growing up. But this also reminds me of Jamaica:12:49Miguel Aristizabal:12:50Comment From Fishno seam fastball?12:50Eno Sarris: Basically a sinker. His agent taught him the help out college.12:50Comment From Art VandelayWhy arent people talking about Kazmirs fatigue? Hes already matched his innings total from this past year, with his next start hell attend his highest total since 2007. Hes not receiving any younger, but additionally wow, his fastball is as fast as its been at every other Laquon Treadwell Jersey point in his career. I simply a sumed he had lost a lot of velocity.12:50Eno Sarris: He just appears like a collapse candidate because of all the things you listed.12:51Comment From MartyEveryone acts like its no problem that Ks are way upits just another out they are saying. the royals have Ked the least a sociated with a teamand are also last in BBs and HRs, yet have been in first. Fluke or some market inefficiency there?12:51Eno Sarris: The Giants made more contact than anyone the year they won it all, too. I simply think theres a tad too much BABIP dependency. How can they rank in BABIP?12:51Comment From Baseball Fan from Dingle, IrelandDo balls go farther in foggy weather?12:52Eno Sarris: Le s far. More to push taken care of.12:52Comment In the Roofis WainwrightJust dealt a $20 Kipnis, $5 Boxberger, $1 Bruce Rondon for any $13 Kendrick, and expiring Smyly in my championship push. Howd I do?12:52Eno Sarris: Its fine. Two relievers are whatever, and Kendrick cheaper.12:52Comment From JimWhen is Puig the baseball god going to return? We mi s him, the only awesome thing right now is how sad he looks as he draws a stroll.12:53Eno Sarris: Needs to hit more fly balls. Good news is the fact that pre-peak players have a tendency to hit more fly balls as they move towards their peak. I think he can still .280+25/10 sooner or later.12:53Comment From Rated RookieThe ultimate way if youve invested in prospects for fantasy baseball: Be cool. It requires time.12:53Comment From Rated Rookie
12:54Comment From StephenHey, Eno! Ever been to Austin, TX? Im visiting next weekend, any strategies for brewery visits or beers i have to try?12:54Eno Sarris: Jester King. And Austin Beerworks: http://www.beergraphs.com/l12:54Comment From Hamilton PorterOBP dynasty. Hamiltons SBs are wonderful, but the rest not so much. Whats he worth in a trade?12:54Eno Sarris: Talk in the steals. Get something top shelf having a ding. Harper, Kipnis?12:55Comment From MarkWhat could be an autumnal seasonal beer to exchange the drab offering of pumpkin beers (which I think I've only found 2 I love)? There is only a big gap between summer saisons and winter stouts.12:55Eno Sarris: Bocks? Oktoberfests?12:55Comment From GuestI thought the lyrics towards the Sleeper and also the Bust were either bing or boong for that current versions. Shout out to Michael Lewis in last years theme song.12:55Comment From Yankee Line upWe Laugh at David Price! HAAHHAHAHaghasfsd12:55Comment From klofIPLs: a great hybrid or an insult to both IPAs and lagers?12:55Eno Sarris: Yet another se sion PA.12:55Comment From CuriousGeorgewhat became of kyle drabek? I loved him as a prospect approaching and then. aby s12:56Eno Sarris: Command left him.12:56Comment From Nicolas StelliniOn the FG pitcher/position player co-leaderboard, Phil Hughes is a top 20 player. If you use RA9 WAR, however, he suddenly disappears. Is pitcher WAR really that wonky?12:56Eno Sarris: No, hes great by Ks-BBs and HRs. BABIP not kind to him.12:56Comment From GuestGonna hit the brand new Toronado in Seattle so stoked.12:56Eno Sarris: AWesome.12:56Comment From LucasAm I wrong to expect anything out of Puig RoS, fantasy-wise? Grand total of two dongs since June 1. Hitting .221 having a .551 OPS in August.12:56Eno Sarris: Hell be fine.12:58SlaytanicMegaforce:12:58Eno Sarris: needed a goose12:58Comment From GuestStart Degrom today?12:58Eno Sarris: yes12:58Comment From Matt T.Why is Edwin Jackson so bad? He gets average whiffs on his fastball and above average whiffs on his sinker,slider,curve,and changeup. He cant throw strikes, but his Zone and F-Strike % aren't any different than Garrett Richards12:58Eno Sarris: I don't understand him. Although, just look at his strikeout percentage. Its inferior to his K9 and hes not too great by k-bb, in fact hes bad with that.12:59Comment From klofbrett lawrie is going to be useful at some point right? like next season? 2B is really a wasteland and the eligibility must count for something.12:59Eno Sarris: I *might* own him on some benches in redrafts the coming year, yes. But Ill have a plan b.12:59Comment From Ron SwansonGregory Polanco sent down? Chris Davis .150 but has 2 home runs in the last Seven days? Pedro Alvarez is HOT.wait.a walking boot?
12:59Comment From GuestWould you say Cano is Mvp worthy with the power outage?1:00Eno Sarris: The narrative is going to be powerful if Seattle helps make the playoffs. Not my MVP, probably, but near the top of the ballot.1:00Comment From Big Joe MufferawAre the yankees under with a rating of this time? Their Rotation continues to be awesome (Pineda, McCarthy, Greene, Kuroda happen to be awesome). If they get Tanaka in 2-3 weeks, should they be feared?1:00Eno Sarris: A lot of holes still in my opinion. Even that group would end up with different ratings depending on that you ask.1:01Comment From Big Joe MufferawYou are commi sioner of MLB mr Eno! What is the 1st change you implement!1:01Eno Sarris: Something about money. Probably about local TV contracts, maybe sharing the money.1:01Comment From Big Joe MufferawGiancarlo for Bryce Harper who disapproves? (Nats or Marlins)1:01Eno Sarris: Marlins. Right?1:01Comment From erghammerEno, just chat. Huge dogfight in my league for second place. I need to constitute several places someplace, anyplace. One place is by using ERA and WHIP. Should I attempt to do this with smart SP streaming (Tim Hudson was great yesterday!) or by plugging in as numerous lo-ERA, lo-WHIP RPs as my roster will hold? The RP guys may not get enough innings to modify the bottom line. But the SPs on the waiver wire are crappier and also have higher variability (ie, one bad start from somebody could get rid of the entire strategy).1:02Eno Sarris: I think you do the RP strategy. Youre getting burned streaming.1:02Comment From Helix FernandezCarrasco is a bad fastball guy? Doesnt he throw 95?1:02Eno Sarris: He does, but has no command and its straightish. He has most upside because of velocity.1:03Comment From klofas a cubs fan, im just a little terrified that the cubs will trade certainly one of their SSs, then face a pile of injuries and be similar to the 2014 rangers who thought they'd a nice surplus to trade away only to discover profar and everyone else on the shelf.1:03Eno Sarris: I believe theyre going to hog all of their bats until they think there is a bust, and theyll try to find arms.1:03Comment From SandyWho would you like perfect for Ks and reasonable ratios ROS: DeGrom, Wood, Archer, Odorizzi, or Gio?1:03Eno Sarris: Wood, DeGrom1:03Comment From ZackWhere did Carlos Carrascos huge velo jump as a SP come from? Is he worth a pickup for the stretch run?1:04Eno Sarris: He was at the pen for a while. It might not hold. I love him, although not against Detroit (twice in next three outings).1:04Comment From RicoCan you rank the following for 2015 and beyond: darnaud, betts, calhoun.1:04Eno Sarris: Betts and Calhoun quite interesting. Ill go ahead and take older, lower-ceilinged Calhoun the coming year, Betts career.1:04Comment From FishMy life is already funky; Im in this chat.1:04Comment From person hscerscrew it. what have I mi sed1:05Eno Sarris: dmx.1:05Comment From HelpThis is a random question, but is there by chance a website that allows me to go in in my current fantasy pitching rotation, to see the number of projected innings they'll pitch ROS? I've an innings limit that I suspect I'll hit before the end of year, and would like to have a tool to analyze my predicament with. Hope that made sense and thanks in advance!1:05Eno Sarris: Never heard of that. Youll need to take part in the schedule game with your guys.1:05Comment From GuestWill Oakland stick to Hammel (5.77 era in 9 innings)after last nights performance by Pomeranz?1:06Eno Sarris: That fifth spot is completely in the air. Most likely not Chavez I suppose, innings drained and hes not been great.1:06Comment From CuriousGeorgebeer table to go- grand central. stop there on my small commute home every day and contains saved my entire life. best way ive been able to get Evil Twin or try the Dead Rise1:06Comment From MartyKiley mcdaniel interviewed Trevor Bauer who spoke about EV Pitching. Are you able to give a brief explanation?1:07Eno Sarris: August did that. The concept is the fact that its harder to get your hands around on the high and tight pitch, so even 89 there is like 95 for your hands. Doolittle said it another way to me: hitters are trained to drop the bat head on the ball, exce sive pitches are not as easy to square. Also: if you consider the leagues HR/FB heat map (within my Chris Young piece), the happy zone is down and in.1:07Comment From JoeThoughts on Gerrit Cole ROS as well as in the long run? In 3rd in roto dynasty at this time. Might move Darvish for him and Carlos Santana. 55 standard.1:07Eno Sarris: Yes I really like him. I like that move if you think you will get to first.1:07Comment From cubanoswhy are these cuban players only when compared with other cuban players? soler and castillo seem nothing like puig but thats the comparison that constantly appears. is that this because racism?1:10Eno Sarris: Partially, or just because the brain do that sort of thing. And we forget things. Like Dave Winfield stole a good amount of bases in early stages in the career, is he a potential Mike Trout comp? Or too many Ks for trout? I figured Rickey Henderson initially. In any case, we all do it naturally, and sometimes it makes sense. Japanese pitchers have many similarities with regards to delivery, approach, and pitching mix, for instance. So when it comes to statistical comps, we have to use guys that came out of exactly the same league, to make a worthy statistical argument. But yeah, theres something there when were just comparing guys.1:10Comment From GSonZach Waltersflash or perhaps a potential hidden gem?..(he hit .310/.369/.908 in 270 ABs within the minors)1:10Eno Sarris: I dont believe.1:10Comment From Matt DamonMATT.DAMON.1:10Comment From person hscerVom Kriege1:11thelivinglegends:1:11Comment From Beaucoup BucksDo you want Living Legends Eno? I believe they have the best collection of voices in any hip-hop group. Like, the actual sound of their voices.1:12Eno Sarris: seen them a few times, yeah I like them!1:12Comment From CuriousGeorgeheaady topper? whats the hype about1:12Eno Sarris: Super hoppy. I like it, but not a high fiver for me personally.1:12Comment From Art VandelayHeading towards the Twin Cities in my sisters wedding next week, can one get the usual suggestion list of beers to find? Ive had most Surly brews on past visits.1:13Eno Sarris: Get Indeed and Dangerous Man.1:13Comment From Y?segura. top ten SS next Jabari Price Jersey year? hes doing thing this season.1:14Eno Sarris: Maybe at the back end. I still think he could .270/10/30 next year. People have lost years.1:14Comment From STiVoWas taking into consideration the line of argument that says thats a 94-win line over a season the Tigers have to do. Heres my problem: Theres a far greater chance that the team has a 94-win pace after 35 games compared to what they actually are a 95-win true talent team. This is why we make fun of individuals who state that X team is on pace for 107 wins after April. This may seem obvious, but its important, since the crux is that the team is much more likely to hit this small-sample goal compared to large-sample goal.1:14Comment From Larry DavidI dont think Ive seen you type the word impo sible so often in a chat before.1:14Eno Sarris: Impo sible.1:14Comment From CuriousGeorgein reaction to your statement about the budget being slashed can there be any concern within the websites future? i just got scared1:15Eno Sarris: Haha no just having fun.1:15Comment From eWhy dont players throw their cups away instead of throwing them on the dugout floor?1:15Eno Sarris: Just thought of this a few days ago. Theres a good quantity of entitlement within the life of a ballplayer. People cleanup after all of them day.1:15Comment From FishHis agent taught him the pitch in college lucky the Phillies didnt turn him in.1:15Eno Sarris: inoright1:15Comment From MartyKC is middle of the pack. 14th in BABIP1:16Eno Sarris: Well, Id probably still put my cash with power and Ks, but theres something to zigging when people zag. KC doing some magic with RISP a minimum of.1:16Comment From MartySmyly or deGrom ROS?1:16Eno Sarris: deGrom. Smyly going to run out of innings.1:17Comment From Dr. MetDOODA DUDER DUDE1:17Eno Sarris: Luder1:17Comment From The Great PretenderWho do you consider I ought to keep the coming year, just one from these three: Bautista in 3rd, Billy Hamilton in 11, or Dee Gordon in 16. Thanks!!1:17Eno Sarris: Dee plays the tougher position and it is cheaper.1:17Comment From juan pierres mustachea lot of breweries seem to be doing the hoppy brown ale thing like a fall seasonal now, I dig it1:17Eno Sarris: Just mi sed out on an imperial brown from Avery on tap another night.1:17Comment From GuestGuy visiting Wisconsin: MKE Brewing is ok, but seem like they get a BAR bump from unusual/uncommon styles. Other breweries: OSo and Central Waters are underrated.1:18Comment From The PoopsmithWho would you rather have inside a keeper league, Gallo or Peterson? Worth mentioning Peterson unlike Gallo actually reduced his K rate in Double-A.1:18Eno Sarris: But Gallo has texas looming and it has probably 80 power. Still Gallo.1:19The Grouch:1:19Comment From Art VandelayListening to Heroes within the Town of Dope by Zion I and also the Grouch the very first time since college. I forgot just how this album is, especially the other half.1:19Comment From thomaswhat are the ideas on the barrel aged version of black butte?1:19Eno Sarris: Yes.1:20Comment From GSonRuby Red 2006 MB-SL with ash gray leather interior or 2011 Monochrome white Jaguar XK with ebony black leather interior?1:20Eno Sarris: Something older.1:20Comment From Dr. Metrutrut is certainly not however a home field matchup streamer isnt he. exactly what a yearly tease he is.1:20Eno Sarris: Yeah, Im fed up with that merrygoround.1:20Comment From Darth StoutAs a fan of a rival central division club, Billy Hamilton is incredibly aggravating. He jogs my memory of Marlins Juan Pierre.1:20Comment From jonoGiven the hard time Hosmer and Moustakas gave you, do you get some small satisfaction using their struggles? Are you able to compartmentalize and root for them because you dont like to see people fail?1:21Eno Sarris: I made mistakes myself.1:21Comment From Martydid you read Brett Talleys piece on streaming and matchups for SP? Seems like you must draft guy you want to throw out every game. does that change your perspective on streaming?1:22Eno Sarris: I attempt to avoid streaming. Or: I play my top three guys pretty much all the time, after which draft to have like eight starting pitchers if po sible, to ensure that I'm able to stream with guys on my small roster. Great piece.1:22Comment From GSonNothing Carrasco throws goes straight..1:23Eno Sarris: Youre right, must have mixed it up somewhere along the line. But no command. And multiple release points doesnt help.1:23Comment From OzzieWhat line would you task for Soler ROS?1:24Eno Sarris: The upside line from McDaniel was .280/.360/.485, that is like a 20-25 homer hitter. Remainder of season, Ill take 10+% off. .270 with 18 homer power?1:25Comment From Jay Bruces ApproachWhy am I broken? Any opportunity for me to show around?1:25Eno Sarris: There was a batted ball mix trouble with your knee in early stages, but since its been deficiencies in power. I think youll be back to .250/30, however it may be the coming year.1:25Comment From Bubble Boymore valuable for fantasy playoffs, Eaton or Crawford?1:25Eno Sarris: weekly league? Eaton. Daily with decent benches? Craw.1:25Comment From Guestthoughts on Corey Dickerson next year? .280/.350/.500 with 25 HR crazy?1:26Eno Sarris: no not crazy but will he play every day.1:26Comment From Cubbie BluesCuban players keep turning up to workouts 20 lbs heavier than expected. They must have great fitne s instructors, huh?1:26Eno Sarris: ahem1:26Comment From Mike in the TedMitts and hats, mitts and hats.1:26Comment From Martyyesterday was the 22nd anniversary of the first MarioKart release. So thats pretty awesome.1:26Comment From toot tootits unfortunate Felix already laid claim that they can King because it will be a great nickname for Gerrit Cole1:26Comment From overthinkingitwhat beer should president barack obama toast when the cubs win the world series? hes a sox fan, so theres that, but hed have to choose a chicago beer, right? do you know the factors here?1:26Eno Sarris: Itd apt to be Old-style, however it should probably be something like Half Acre.1:27Comment From Guestwhat do you think about pitchers having personal catchers? many people have been crediting Tillmans good couple months with him being caught by Hundley rather than Wieters/Joseph. probably an analog stuff that was fixed instead but its interesting in my experience.1:27Eno Sarris: Stuff like Catcher ERA isn't statistically viable, but you cant poo-poo the idea that a different brain would call a different game for any pitcher.1:27Comment From Beanie ManIs a Papelbon offseason trade likely enough to make Giles a keeper?1:28Eno Sarris: In case your league keeps. 300 players maybe.1:28Comment From Rated RookieMost trade offers.
1:28Comment From Juan Pierres mustache combIsnt Joey Gallo just a glorified Ru sell Branyan?1:28Eno Sarris: Isnt Javier Baez just a glorified Todd Greene?1:28Comment From GuestCarrascos avg velo recently at 97, though only getting 5% whiffs. http://www.brooksbaseball.n1:29Eno Sarris: See theres something happening there. Although he does get 50% grounders on his four-seam. Perhaps its about *how* he makes use of his four-seam that needed re-thinking.1:29Comment From GSon1967 British Racing Green Triumph TR4A IRS, rag top or 1952 Egg Shell White Jaguar X120 Roadster? (Of sufficient age..and that i owned both of these vehicles)1:30Eno Sarris: TRIUMPH1:30Comment From PennsyRendon: is he within the NL MVP discu sion ? His bat, glove, and and legs all play decidedly excellent, but had not exhibited a top-notch command a sociated with a one.1:30Eno Sarris: Not enough. Only one day could be.1:30Comment From throneberry90214Daniel Norris studly starter in 2015?1:30Eno Sarris: I like.1:31Comment From JoeMake sense of Trumbos line from past 30 days: .293, 1 HR???1:31Eno Sarris: Need to look at his spray charts. Maybe hes suddenly trying to hit to all fields instead of jacking dongers.1:31Comment From GuestWill Matt Moore ever throw consistent strikes and become the man we thought he'd?1:31Eno Sarris: Probably not returning his first year after TJ and doing that a minimum of. I doubt that generally.1:32Comment From Rated RookieWhat sort of return must i hope to have for Taijuan Walker inside a keep-forever format? Or, will i hold because not really Lloyd McLendon can keep running Erasmo out there?1:32Eno Sarris: Hold provided you are able to. Hes got nutrients along with a nice home park.1:32Comment From GuestThe Rays are notoriously cheap, and smartly so. Does that hurt Jake Mcgee moving forward (best reliever in baseball, not really annointed closer, but type of)1:32Eno Sarris: If theyre bad again the coming year, hes gone.1:32Comment From KrisNo! I need Trumbo to jack dongers1:32Comment From SnarfleAre you better at knowing when Stroman is going to be good than I am? Because I suck at it.1:33Eno Sarris: Yeah dunno whats happening with him. Maybe be wary with him in homer parks (home, HOU, CHW) worst starts recently.1:33Comment From Juan Pierres mustache combId see Baez as a Glorified Jose Hernandez a bit.1:33Comment From cbwhy do managers of teams from contention still attempt to platoon young guys which have po sibility to be everyday players. eg leonys martin..1:34Eno Sarris: Trying to see exactly what the team is going to be like the coming year?1:34Comment From Juan Pierres mustache combWhy is it that sinker ballers dont get many Ks, and hitters hit the sinker in to the ground. Yet King Felix gets plenty of whiffs on the pitch with the same velo and sink like a sinker (arm speed)? Its odd how sinkers that move a lot dont get whiffs1:35Eno Sarris: Used to do write about this Kai Forbath Jersey a bit with the sinker/change article so why do change-ups and sinkers have different platoon splits once they move the same manner? Its very hard to figure that out. It needs to be about the hitters have to gear up for that fastball, I gue s. When they look fastball and get sinker, they can put wood on it and go another way1:35Comment From Rated RookieHow about we give Baez a few more PAs (and years) before we damn him with unflattering player comps?1:36Eno Sarris: Sure, I even said earlier Id provide a guy 800-1000 PAs. But the contact rate stablizes quickest and woof.1:36Comment From AL Pitching CoachRodon > Norris in 2015?1:37Eno Sarris: Rodons not throwing his change that much. Dont know what which means. He *will* on the other hand have a decent quantity of innings with college plus pros. Youd have to think Norris is closer, though, so I think I take Norris on that.1:37Comment From Rated RookieI mean, its baseball. Should you cant play the long game, play checkers. Or Connect Four.1:37Comment From JoeIs Kershaw a lock for NL MVP?1:37Eno Sarris: Cy. MVP? will be tougher.1:38Eno Sarris: Okay guys! Gotta return to work! Thanks for chilling out.1:39Comment From SadwickMay the beer be around you.


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