How to help your dog relax if they are traveling together?

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How to help your dog relax if they are traveling together?

Post autor: eztalks » 3 kwie 2018, o 09:05

Air travel can be very stressful for dogs , so you should take some steps to ensure that your dog is as relaxed and calm as possible so that the plane is not a nightmare for him.

1. The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the conveyor. Try to buy it at least one or two weeks before the trip and during these days let your dog know it. Put some prizes inside, your toys and help at least once a day spend a little time there. Eye that you must not force it because the idea is that you hold confidence and do not feel trapped there for punishment.

2. Between 8 and 12 hours before the trip you should make sure your dog fasts . Fasting will help you in case you get dizzy or over stressed, do not vomit all the food on the conveyor.


3. Take him out for a laaargo walk. Remember that a tired dog will always be calmer. We are very sorry if your flight departs very early in the morning but this is the best advice there is. Walk or run with him for at least an hour so that when he gets on the plane he will be so tired that he will only want to sleep.


4. Give him some natural remedy to relax him. You can buy relaxing herbal pills that are 100% natural and are just designed for traveling pets or you can also give her a chamomile tea or you can put a few drops of lavender essence on the conveyor to relax with the aroma.

5. Keep calm. Remember that dogs are nourished by our emotions. If your dog sees you nervous and stressed by the flight, it is more likely that you will spread this anxiety. Relax, arrive at the airport with time, do not stress. Preach by example and teach your dog that you are calm because everything will be fine.


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