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a good profit driven resource from your site.

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In a Consumer Reports study Marek Mazanec Jersey , the publication stated that driving with a tire with even half its tread life left led to a significant decrease in traction and overall safety in rainy or snowy conditions. Driving on a "bald" tire with much less than half its tread life left is even more risky, as drivers will not only see a marked decline in traction during foul weather but can be at risk of blowouts as well.

How do you know when the time has come to get new tires? You will need to give your current set a good inspection. Treads use 132-inch increments to measure depth, with most new tires having a tread depth of around 1032 inches. When your tread reaches 232 inches, it is considered bald and is due for replacement, but how can you be sure?

Unless you have special tools, a good rule of thumb can be the penny check. Place a penny in the groove of the rubber with Lincoln's head upside down. Is Lincoln's head still showing Juuse Saros Jersey , or is it obscured by the tread? If Lincoln's head is completely visible, the tread is worn out and your tires should be replaced. However, if part of Lincoln's head is covered, there is more than 232 of an inch of tread depth, meaning your tires are typically in good shape.
Make sure to check several portions of the tread pattern, including central James Neal Jersey , outer and inner grooves.

However, 232 of an inch of tread might not be enough traction, depending on the vehicle or a driver's habits. For added security, use a quarter instead of a penny to test the tread depth. Insert the quarter into the tread blocks with Washington's head upside down. If part of Washington's head is covered, there is more than 432 of an inch of tread left, which means your tires don't need to be changed.

Most manufacturers now have tires with built-in tread-wear indicators Filip Forsberg Jersey , typically six rubber bars that slightly protrude within the grooves when it's brand new. If the bars blend in with the rest of the tread, it's time for new tires.

Don't drive with worn out treads so that your car is prone to hydroplaning in wet weather. When your tires are deprived of the water-channeling grooves they use to maintain contact with the road, you might quickly end up in a ditch.

Wondering if your vehicle needs new tires? Contact our ASE Certified technicians at Big Lake Automotive today for more information about purchasing tires and to schedule an appointment. Our auto shop proudly serves the residents of Big Lake, MN and surrounding areas. Want to do everything better? Build a Strong Core Core strength and stability is increasingly recognized as a vital part of fitness. So what is it and how do you go about getting it? The past five years have seen growing interest in resistance, or weight training programs, aimed at achieving core strength and stability. While some of us might think apples when we hear the word 'core' Dante Fabbro Jersey , the word certainly doesn't refer to a throw-away aspect of fitness. What is core strength? The muscles of the 'core' are primarily those of the trunk and pelvis. The core muscles stabilize the spine and effectively move the body with varying loads. If the trunk muscles are weakened, then posture and movement can be affected significantly. The core muscles are necessary for effective transfer of energy from large to small muscle groups - especially when performing sports-specific movements. In recent years there has been a shift to an emphasis on 'functional' training, i.e. making training as realistic as possible so it has direct applicability to a particular sport. This type of training attempts to anticipate and mimic movements that occur during sport, such as twisting and turning. It is believed that training for core strength and stability can lower the risk of injury and increase power application for sports performance. Strengthening the core muscles of the trunk and pelvis provides a stable platform for the actions of the shoulder, arm and leg muscles. Pilates exercises are a popular and effective way to develop core strength and stability. Muscles of the trunk and pelvis - Some of the most important muscles of the core are the deeper abdominal muscles that wrap and protect the spine; the abdominal muscles that run along the front and sides of the abdomen; the erector muscles of the lower back; and the muscles of the pelvic floor and hips. Having a so-called 'six pack' of abdominal muscles does not necessarily mean having good core strength and stability. Some of the most important 'core' muscles actually lie underneath the six-pack and, together with the erector muscles of the spine Craig Smith Jersey , help maintain good posture and balance during daily activity. This means that just doing sit-ups for the abs will not usually be enough to develop core strength. Training for core strength and stability The major aim of core strength training is to perform exercises that closely resemble specific movements during a particular sport. Emphasis should be placed on diagonal and rotational movements, and promoting balance and strength by performing exercises standing or sitting on different (including unstable) surfaces such as balance beams, wobble boards, foam rollers, and fit balls. Training should emphasis a balance between developing agonist (prime movers) and antagonist muscles. In many sports, movements are performed while balancing on one leg Colin Wilson Jersey , or shifting the body weight from one leg to another, and so exercises mimicking these actions should be incorporated into the training program. Examples include a kicking a football while on the run and pushing hard while cycling up steep hills. Exercises to improve core strength Since there are several different trunk, back and pelvic muscles that make up the 'core', it is important to perform a variety of exercises that target these muscle groups. Core strength can be developed by performing:Pilates exercises, Standard abdominal exercises (such as sit up. Cheap NBA Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys


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