Week 14 Weather Watch

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Week 14 Weather Watch

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Every week, Fantasy Matt Prater Jersey Source can provide a weather loose time waiting for that weekend's slate of games, courtesy of wunderground.com. Purchase a free 30-day trial of Fantasy Source to locate the great tools.
Check back for live weather updates during our Sunday morning start/sit chat.
Wet Conditions Po sible: These games have at the least a 30 percent po sibility that precipitation.
Colts at Bengals (Completely of risk of snow/ice pellets)
Vikings at Ravens (92 percent probability of snow/ice pellets)
Chiefs at Redskins (92 percent prospects for snow/ice pellets)
Falcons at Packers (84 percent chance of snow)
Lions at Eagles (76 percent likelihood of snow)
Dolphins at Steelers (66 percent potential for snow)
Titans at Broncos (42 percent opportunity of snow)
Raiders at Jets (41 percent opportunity for snow)
Rain can lead to a wet track and cause these teams to rely more heavily about the running game and short pa ses. Quandre Diggs Jersey Fortunately, if you experience such a thing in the event the forecast demands "ice pellets," usually there isn't supposed to considerably wind over these games. Unle s we're speaking about a significant snow/ice storm, a lot of these teams should function reasonably well. The main worries are typically in Philadelphia, with two high-powered offenses, such as used to playing in a dome, squaring off. The Broncos really are a concern, too, given how cold it's required to take Denver.
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Temperature advisory: These games will likely have temperatures below 33 degrees.
Titans at Broncos (6-13 degrees)
Falcons at Packers (11-18 degrees)
Cowboys at Bears (15-18 degrees)
Dolphins at Steelers (24-29 degrees)
Raiders at Jets (25-31 degrees)
Browns at Patriots (30-31 degrees)
Chiefs at Redskins (31 degrees)
Vikings at Ravens (32 degrees)
Lions at Graham Glasgow Jersey Eagles (32-34 degrees)
Colts at Bengals (30-34 degrees)
The cold temps all around the league could delay a few offenses, for example Detroit's, Denver's, Dallas' and Chicago's. On its own, it isn't enough of a need to bench any key players if you have high-quality backups.
Wind Watch: These games often see winds bigger than 10 mph.
Cowboys at Bears (12-15 mph)
Dolphins at Steelers (9-12 mph)
High winds can cause le s pa sing and troubles on the kicking game and teams to call more runs and safe, short pa ses. And the cold temperatures in Chicago, both these teams have a little Nick Fairley Jersey trouble. The chief worries are kickers Dan Bailey and Robbie Gould.
Climate Control: These games will undoubtedly be took part domes or stadiums by using a retractable roof.
Rams at Cardinals (Retractable roof)
Panthers at Saints (Dome)


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